The Beauty of a Woman

Have you ever felt like you had the ability to captivate? Like in some strange way you were chosen and unique? Because I have. I believe every child does. Even more so, every little girl.

I’ve been reading the book Captivating: Unveiling the Mystery to a Woman’s Soul by John and and Stasi Eldredge. I’m only a few pages in, but as I read I realize that what’s being described in the book is precisely what I felt as a little girl, and in many ways still feel and desire today.

The book shares an anecdote of a little girl who would ask with a beaming smile, “Would you like to hear my song?…She was a little girl in her glory, unashamed in her desire to delight and be delighted in….When we are young, we want to be precious to someone- especially Daddy. As we grow older, the desire matures into a longing to be pursued, desired, wanted as a woman.”

I’m an aunt to 4 beautiful, heart-melting little girls ages 5, 3, 2 and 1. Their grace, gentleness, kindness and affection resonate within my soul. Whenever I get the chance, I just hold them tightly and its therapy to my inner most being. Their existence is healing. I see in them this desire for adventure and as for anyone really, the desire to be loved.

I believe there is this innate desire within us that in someway, somehow we’ve impacted a soul. We entered a room and were remembered. We left a desire to be fought for and pursued. While we live in an age where these feelings may be put to shame because we are meant to be independent women, for many of us these desires are very much alive.

I do not believe we become less than in our womanhood simply because we desire to love and be loved, and more than that pursued. As we carry these desires, we also carry grace, strength and beauty. We have a distinct ability to nurture and to soften even the hearts of stone. We have the unique capacity to connect our thoughts with our emotions.

When posed with questions about the presumed male preference in the Bible an apologist explained the resurrection of Jesus Christ as the very fragment that holds the entirety of the Christian faith. Without the resurrection, our faith would be in vain. “And if Christ has not been raised, our preaching is useless and so is your faith.” (1 Corin. 15:14) “If then, women were the less preferred gender why in heaven’s name would Jesus reveal Himself to a woman after the resurrection and have the entire gospel entrusted to her (Mary Magdelene).”

Truly, an awe-inspiring thought that reminds us the hidden, gentle strength within a woman.

So, to all my readers but especially to you, woman, I want to remind you today that your desires to be loved and pursued are valid, and while you carry these desires you still stand in the strength and glory that God has bestowed on you.

I pray your gentleness calms a storm.

I pray your warmth transforms a house into a home.

I pray your nurturing builds kind men and women for our future generations.

I pray your heart is filled with love and a sense of adventure for life.

I pray you are pursued and fought for as our Father in Heaven as already done through Jesus Christ, because He found you worthy. Worthy enough to entrust the gospel onto your kind first.

May your day be graciously adventurous,

Tati ❤

Walk in Love + 5 Easy Ways to Advocate for Racial Justice

Our hearts are heavy right now. Our nation is in distress. Some of us may feel uncomfortable. Others empowered. Some are filled with hate. Others are moving in love. Some remain silent. Others have found the courage to speak. Some are angry. Others unmoved. Whatever we may be feeling, the fact of the matter is, racism is still prevalent and amidst the tragic circumstances, we now have the opportunity to engage in something greater than ourselves. We have the opportunity to demonstrate love to our neighbors by mourning with them, praying with them, walking with them, kneeling with them. Continue reading “Walk in Love + 5 Easy Ways to Advocate for Racial Justice”

Still Wonderful

May 1st, 2020. 10 years ago today I became a born-again Christian. A decade ago.

Can I be honest?

This past year has tested me in many ways. I feel like I’ve had more questions than answers. More doubt than faith.

But I’ve held on. By His grace alone, I’ve held on.

I often tend to shut down my feelings by comparing them. I remind myself that people are going through much tougher situations. Sometimes I feel pathetic to feel. I hate to feel. And while reminding yourself that others are in worse situations can be a good practice for gratitude, it also seems to be ideal for making your feelings less than. Continue reading “Still Wonderful”